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Tasha Ellis for Metro Council District 29





Central Labor Council
Nashville Business Coalition
IAFF Local 140

About Tasha

I grew up in Bath Springs, TN, which is 108 miles from my drive way to the front yard I played in from sun up to sun down as a child. My cousins and I played games such as “Mother May I”, “Red Rover”, “Red Light, Yellow Light, Green Light, Stop” and rode our bikes until it was time to go in for dinner. Fast forward to 2002, I got accepted into Tennessee State University and packed my bags for the big city. And little did I know the journey I was about to embark upon. By 2007, I was walking across the stage at the TSU Gentry center to accept my Bachelor’s Degree in Business. Then, I landed my first real job at T-Mobile working as a customer service agent. Within a year, I had saved up enough money to move out of my Aunt Norma’s into my first apartment on Bell Road. And oh dear, I thought I was in the big leagues!


I settled into my daily routine: After work I came home, cooked dinner, and flipped through television channels. One night on the evening news I watched an impressive and charismatic Black man (future President Barack Obama) talking about making the world a better place. He said, “We are the ones we have been waiting for” — and I was hooked.


I started volunteering at the Tennessee Democratic Party on my off days and eventually landed a full time job as the office manager. After a few years, I branched out and started working as a legal assistant at TN’s leading civil rights and labor law firm, Barrett Johnston Martin & Garrison. Working with George “Citizen” Barrett was humbling and opened my eyes to the daily struggles of U.S. citizens. Day after day, Mr. Barrett worked on behalf of the underdog and was not afraid to go toe-to-toe with our state’s most powerful sectors on behalf of his clients. And it is with that same desire and community driven approach from Barack Obama that I made the decision to run for city council.


My values of hard work, kindness, and integrity will be my cornerstones if I am allowed to represent the people that make up District 29. Join Team Tasha Ellis for Metro Council District 29!

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